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I'm Glen Davis 51 years old. I am the scale helicopter representative on The AHA Committee. I start flying 8 years ago learning with pod and machines but my heart ways always pulling me towards scale. It wasn't long before I built my first scale machine a 1/16 scale Westland Lynx AH-1 based on TREX 450 mechanics. Over the following years I have built many models small and large. My goal is to encourage the scale community to engage more fully with The AHA. We are the helicopter specialist body for the BMFA and fight your corner with them. I am also very keen to re-introduce scale helicopter competition and also represent scale helicopters on the BMFA Scale Technical Council. The Scale council currently govern all model scale flying competition. I am making slow progress with them to get helicopters back on the scale circuit. This year I have reintroduced a Scale Fly Ins run by The AHA and it is intended that this event will happen early every season and will be hosted by different clubs around the country every year. I can be found Charmouth Fun Fly which contrary to popular belief is not pod and boom only and at all the scale helicopter fly ins that currently happen. I am always willing to listen and assist so please if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or anything else to do with scale helicopter please get in contact with me or speak to me at an event.

I have been flying helicopters since 2004 and after completing my BMFA A(H) and B(H) Certificates I started flying in competitions in 2010. After 4 years of flying in the Clubman’s and then Sportsman’s competition, I began flying in F3C. I have been on the AHA Committee for several years updating the website and social media feeds and have recently taken over as the F3C Representative.

I am the founder and organiser of the Euro Heli Series which began in 2014, which is a series of International F3C Competitions and forms part of the F3C World Cup. Whilst we often struggle for numbers at UK Competitions, F3C in mainland Europe is very popular and it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet & fly with lots of other pilots.

Having qualified for the UK F3C Team, providing travel restrictions allow, I will be competing at the European Championships in Italy this year as well as all of the Euro Heli Series and UK based F3C competitions.

I’m really passionate about F3C and enjoy talking to people at events. If you’d like more information from us, please get in touch or book a place on our F3C Sportsmans Workshop in April.

Glen Davis

Ian Emery

I have been around the rc heli scene since 1998 when my husband, Dave Fisher, took up competition flying.  It was a case of if you can’t beat them, join them so I got involved with the AHA becoming its Secretary for a number of years, then Treasurer fund-raising for the GBR F3C team.  Since 2014 I have been the F3N Competition Secretary.  In 2018 I joined the BMFA Executive as the FAI Delegate.  Dave and I also run Flyin’ Fish RC Helicopter Flight Training School.

Julie Fisher

Starting out in aeromodelling at the age of 8 flying fixed wing aircraft, Steve progressed onto helicopters in his late teens and quickly took up Sportsman and then F3C. Steve is multi time National F3C champion and a multi time member of the British F3C Team.

Steve has been a member of the AHA for all of his competitive years and has been on the committee for many of them. Currently Steve is the Treasurer and CIAM rep, but he has also in the past been Secretary.

Steve Roberts

Membership Secretary

I’ve been in the hobby since 2007 where I began competing in fixed wing aerobatics, after competing in several championships around the UK and Europe, in 2012 I made the jump over to rotary wing and competed in my first competition the following year in 2013 eventually winning my first British Championship in 2015.

I’m proud to be a multiple time British Champion in both Rotary & Fixed wing & to have been part of the 2017 British F3N world championship team that achieved 2nd in the team competition.

After the 2017 championships, I made the decision to cease competing full time and began judging the F3N UK league.

For a day job I fly Heavy Lift UAS platforms on large-scale film/TV sets, so I’m very rarely seen without a transmitter in my hands!

Alex Hawtin

"I started flying Rc helicopters in 2012 and entered my first competition at Grass Roots level in late 2013. I’ve since attended contests around the world and competed on numerous occasions at International level. In 2016, I won the F3N “Junior European Champion” title, eventually leading to my 2 x “Junior world champion” medals that I won in 2017 and 2019 in Poland. I’m proud of this achievement and it has opened up many opportunities for me. For my day job, I currently fly heavy lift and FPV Drones in the film industry, so you’ll always catch me playing with some cool toys!"

Aaron Cole

My aeromodelling career began in 1982 , when being dragged to the field for the umpteenth time by my father , two of the older members Geoff and Ian  asked if “I wanted to have a go !”  I am not sure if the years that followed have been easy but they have been busy!

I found RC fixed wing fun, and still do , but there is nothing to compare with the outright beauty of RC Helicopter flight !The way they can move in any direction even whilst pirouetting is matched by no other branch of the RC hobby/sport.

You can spend your life trying to master it and will always find a new move  or trick to do battle with….It truly is endless. I started competing just because there were no others, and whilst certainly was never classed as “one of the best” I did win the 2016 Global 3d “Synchro pair” crown with my good friend Peter Foulkes. I have also competed in Global 3D Expert class just to see if I could take the pressure, I was proud of that.

I have entered and flown in just about every UK Contest you can think of and a few you can’t. This amazing hobby has seen me assist, judge, fly and compete worldwide and make many friends.

I have made people laugh and cry with my flights to music, a format I hold very dear, I came a long way but it was never far enough. This year see’s me take a break from the sport and try something new….. but something tells me I am not done yet …. It’s very much a journey not a race!

See you all at the field.

Rachael Plant